GymWorks for Training Gyms

For more than 10 years, Gymworks has helped schedule-intensive training facilities that rely on appointment booking and calendar-based entry for trainers and their clients. GymWorks offers industry-leading scheduling, memberships, accounts, billing, comprehensive online features and calendar-based facility access. GymWorks is solid software that gives you power to focus on your core business needs.

Powerful Calendar & Scheduling Engine

Powerful scheduling features include: Unlimited number of trainer smart-calendars. Drag-and-drop appointments. View by day, week or month. View individual trainers or all at once. Reminders by email or text message. Web viewable so trainers and clients can view and book from home. Integrated with facility access system to allow calendar-based entry.

Memberships & Accounting

Membership system includes: Configurable trainer and client membership packages. Pay-as-you-go, drop-in and pre-paid membership plans. Upselling add-ons such a towel or locker fees. Complete member ledger system. Sub-memberships, group-memberships and responsible party options. Retail sales.

Online Presence

Members and trainers can schedule appointments and view their calendar on the web from any location at any time. Complete account information is available online including account ledger, pass and appointment history. Memberships and passes can be purchased and renewed online. Members and trainers can access their data trackers, and view progress reports, charts and graphs all online 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Facility Access

Automated scan card, key FOB or thumbprint access systems available. Optional interface with electronic door lock enables client self-entry. Remote web or smart phone door override (manager can open door remotely). Calendar-integrated access can be configured to allow entry only with a valid calendar appointment. Photo on entry enhances security and prevents multiple entries on one scan.